Total Tool Offers the Full Line of Rotary Lifts

Rotary Lifts to fit any shop.

Total Tools is an exclusive Rotary Lift dealer and can provide expert advice on which lift is right for your company. Once the right lift is chosen, Total Tool will install the lift and provide support and service to keep your lift in top running condition.

Total Tool chose to be an exclusive Rotary lifts dealer as Rotary gives you the best options for what style lift best fits your shop. Whether your shop handles buses, semis, or heavy trucks our lifts will give you every option you need – with power and reliability. Lifts from Rotary can handle lifting any way you need by wheels, runway, or axel. Along with that we also have the largest selection of adapters in the industry. This ensures you can handle any job that comes through the door.

Rotary Vehicle Lifts are regarded as world leaders in vehicle lifting technology and considered by many to be manufacturers of the world’s most trusted vehicle lift. Arguably the best and most durable vehicle lifts of their kind in the trade, with a range of hydraulically powered two, four post, scissor and in-ground lifts that can deal with vehicles ranging from 3 to 6.5 tons in weight. With over 90 years of solid experience and an obsession for quality, this is what sets Rotary apart from the rest of the pack. Look over the complete line of Light Duty Lifts, for cars and light trucks, or Heavy Duty Lifts, for large trucks and commercial vehicles.

Not sure what lift is best for your business? Call our expert lift representatives and we’ll review your needs and options and come up with the perfect solution for your shop!   (518) 766-7676.

Total Tool carries Rotary's Mach Flex