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Here are some photos of the Rotary Mach 18 Mobile Column Lifts in service recently sold to our customer’s

Energy Logic 350

EnergyLogic LLC announces the introduction of the first 350,000 BTU, single-pass waste oil heater with intelligence. The 350H with SmartStat is the easiest and quickest to clean, delivers the highest heat output and has the longest maintenance interval. It is the only single-pass heat exchanger of its size, and, it is the first waste oil heater to ever include intelligence.

“EnergyLogic is thrilled to be the brand that continues to innovate the waste oil heating industry,” said Robert F. Stevens, president and CEO. “The single-pass heat exchanger has long-been the customer-preferred design for its ease of cleaning and durability and we are excited to combine it with system intelligence, which increases performance and efficiencies to save the customer fuel and money.”

The 350H includes the EnergyLogic SmartStat (patent pending), a programmable thermostat that includes system diagnostics. Working with a waste oil heater, the SmartStat is the only seven-day programmable thermostat with total system monitoring, fuel conservation and intelligence. It is the only device that eliminates guesswork and helps avoid nuisance shutdowns by providing feedback when an operating condition affects